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SalesCenter Triples Flexibility, Scalability and Consultative Approach with Multi-Dimensional SFA Solution

Terra Networks Selects SalesCenter 3-D for Advanced Configurability and Customization

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (Feb. 28, 2005) - SalesCenter, an emerging leader in hosted on-demand Sales Force Automation (SFA), today unveiled its SalesCenter 3-D solution which includes new enhancements such as a 3-D Relational Database, A-to-Z Address Book System, Sales Manager Approval Process and Third-party software integration. These advanced features offer superior scalability, flexibility and ease-of-use to arm sales organizations with increased control, enhanced configurability and improved workflow processes.

One of the most important features of SalesCenter 3-D, three database objects, are now available allowing relationships to be created between Contacts, Companies and Deals. In addition to bringing these database objects together, sales managers now also have the foundation to create both multi-level reports and streamlined workflow processes for the entire sales organization.

"We needed to restructure our sales team's communication processes and sought a highly configurable and customizable contact management solution to fit our specific business needs," said Craig Stanford, Director of U.S. and Pan-Regional Sales for Terra Networks. "With SalesCenter 3-D, our workflow processes are easier and more flexible and we are better equipped to track campaigns and the sales process from start to finish."

The Power of Three: The Three Cs of SFA

SalesCenter has built its foundation on the three most important elements of a best practice SFA solution: Configurability, Customizability and a Consultative Approach.

"Companies with large sales teams, such as Terra Networks, require advanced technology and solutions that can be implemented via a consultative approach," said Dave Dabbah, general manager of SalesCenter. "More and more, we're seeing organizations with focused sales force automation needs turning to SalesCenter for its premium 3C's features; ultimate configurability, advanced customization tools, and direct client consultation. With our in-depth knowledge of how sales organizations function we are able to work with our customers to implement best practices and seamlessly integrate with our technology."

Highlights of SalesCenter 3-D include:

-- A-to-Z Address Book & Quick Search: A powerful built-in alphabetical address book that can be set up for searching Companies, Contacts and Deals. Quick Search can be configured to search any database field within the solution and can be accessed within any page of the product. Both features increase productivity by providing the entire sales organization easy access to their own contacts.

-- 3-D Relational Database System: A parent-child relationship has been created between the three separate databases -- Companies, Contacts and Deals -- allowing sales managers to link multiple deals and leads with a single contact located in the database. These interrelated databases offer sales managers up-sell and cross-sell opportunities across multiple contacts within a company. Sales managers are able to streamline their workflow processes, track competition and gain insight into their sales team's activities throughout the whole organization to drive strategic account management.

-- Sales Manager Approval Process: This system provides sales managers with the option of creating an approval process during a sales cycle. The permission-based system management now provides sales managers with complete control to verify purchase information and approve sales.

-- Third-party software integration: This open Application Programming Interface (API) allows for a plethora of integration possibilities with third-party software, keeping the data consistent between SalesCenter and other systems. Features support access to virtually all applications and technologies in any vertical such as financial services, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing and retail.

About Terra Networks S.A.

Terra Networks is the global Internet arm of the Telefonica Group, the third largest telecommunications company in the world (by market capitalization) and the leading telco operator servicing the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets. Terra is a leader in Spain and Latin America in the three principal areas of its business operations: access, portal and value-added services. Terra's network of sites span Spain, Latin America and the Hispanic market of the United States, and via Lycos Europe, has a presence in Europe. Terra Networks S.A. has its headquarters in Barcelona and numerous operating centers throughout the world. It trades on the Spanish Stock Exchange (TRR) and on the Nasdaq (TRRA).

About SalesCenter
SalesCenter is a premier provider of on-demand sales force automation and customer relationship management solutions, offering clients advanced sales automation solutions that empower sales teams and businesses to maximize efficiency and sales effectiveness. SalesCenter is a service of Uptilt, Inc., a privately held profitable company headquartered in Menlo Park, California. Uptilt offers clients a suite of Web automation solutions including SalesCenter and EmailLabs, an email marketing automation solution. For further information, please contact SalesCenter at 1-866-SFA-Today or by email at

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About SalesCenter

SalesCenter is a premier provider of Web-based sales team automation and customer relationship management solutions. At SalesCenter, we recognize that every sales team has their own unique processes, goals and needs. As such, we offer a range of fully configurable features that bring together the functional needs of sales teams with the management control and forecasting solutions that sales managers need to succeed.